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Reddit Reader

A simple way to view reddit. Built using my CSS framework, Cutestrap.


Load up the index.html file and you're good to go.

View Demo

Development Process

When deciding what tools or frameworks to use to build this, I thought about what would showcase my abilities the best. It would have been easier to build this using React and Redux, jQuery, underscore or even an infinite scrolling library. I landed on vanilla es5 to showcase that I'm not reliant on any individual tool.

You'll notice some inspiration from Redux with my use of the Store class. I used classList liberally, so this won't work in older versions of IE or edge. The tradeoff of was having easier to read code but losing browser compatibility. I would not make this sacrifice on an actual project.

Future Feature Ideas

  • Autocomplete for subreddits
  • Sort mode
  • Themes (Night mode)
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • Markdown support
  • Create links in comments
  • 18+ Filter
  • Better Inline Content